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We offer smart products for sun protection like WindowSOX, Dashmat, MOBI-SHADE, HerpoTherm .

Custom SEAT COVER ! Check under seatcover category

Please select carefully your WindowSOX and/or Dashmat. If you have any problems send us an email using our contact form or go to wikipedia and search with your car model.
Browse through our new addition the UVeto - sun protection range with products like Kalahari Hat, Le Work Hood, Attach-a-Flap, Easy Net View, Sun Gloves(Backhander, Add-a-Sleeve).
Check also our latest additions Safeman Bicycle Locks
WindowSOX - sun protection for babies & infants,pets

Window SOX

WindowSOX (WindowSOX, window socks, windowsocks, car sun blinds, car sunshade) are a new effective product for providing shade and insect protection when placed on the rear windows of your vehicle.


The Dash MATE(dash mat covers, dashmat dash cover) is unique in that it does not have a hard backing. Dashmats are used as car dashmat dashboard covers and truck dashmats. Order here the best dash mats online
DashMAT - Moulded dashboard cover MOBI-SHADE - sun protection for babies & infants

MOBI SHADE sunshades are another effective product for providing shade and insect protection when placed on baby strollers, prams, capsules or cots.
Herpo Therm - no more cold sores


Herpo Therm is a reusable, pocket-sized electronic device which prevents or significantly reduces all visible signs of a cold sore. Herpotherm cold sore treatment and Herpotherm reviews.

Safeman Bicycle Locks

Safeman Locks - The Multi-use-lock for bikes, surfboards, kiteboards,skis, snowboards, skateboards and much, much more ....


Whether it be to protect new seats or cover over old and worn upholstery, seat covers are proving to be an important automotive accessory for the interior of any vehicle. Our manufacturer produces a range of Seat Covers of high quality and modern design to compliment the interior of modern vehicles.
UVeto -safety under the sun UVeto - sun gloves


The SUN SAFE GLOVES are designed as a multi purpose fingerless glove, UVeto's Sun Gloves protect the back of the hand while giving the wearer added grip on the palm.

UVeto - Kalahari Hat

The lightweight, adjustable Kalahari Hat can be worn in a number of ways to protect the wearer from harmful UV rays.

UVeto - Le Work Hood

Le Work Hood designed to be worn under a broad brim or peaked cap, the Le Work Hood protects the neck and ears of the wearer from harmful UV rays.

UVeto - Attach-a-Flap

The Attach a Flap is designed to attach to any peaked cap or hard hat, the Attach-a-Flap protects the neck and ears of the wearer from harmful UV.

UVeto - Net'N Shade

Adjustable UV Shade with separate fly/mossie Net; designed to fit all types of head wear.

UVeto - Easy View Net

Adjustable fly/mossie Net; designed to fit all types of head wear.

UVeto - Backhander

The Backhander is designed to protect the hands from harmful UV, UVeto's Backhander covers the back of the hand whilst leaving the palm free.

UVeto - ADD-a-Sleeve

ADD a Sleeve is designed to protect the arm and back of the hand from harmful UV.
car seat undermat car seat back protector

Car Back Seat Organizer

Car Back Seat Organizer organizes child's essentials and includes 2 little pockets as well as a removable travel pouch for on-the-go convenience.

Car Seat Undermat / Car Seat Undermat Deluxe

Car Seat Undermats helps protect car’s upholstery and secure car seat or infant carrier in place.

Seat Protector (2 Pack)

Seat Protector helps protect car seats from shoe prints and marks. Easily attaches to the back of any any car seat.

Stroller Mesh Bag

Stroller Mesh Bag easily attaches to the back of any stroller. Expandable, durable and convenient. Plenty of storage space for all on-the-go essentials.

Stroller Tote Bag

Plenty of storage for all on-the-go essentials.

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