Shevron our manufacturer is one of the largest dash mat manufacturer and distributor of quality automotive moulded dash mats in Perth, Western Australia. They are also the pioneers of interior dash covers production in Australia.

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Shevron dash mat standards and features

Our manufacturer sets the standard in dashboard protection development with the DashMAT using the best material for the dashmat. They are unique in that it does not have a hard backing. The Ultimat® fabric is so advanced it holds it’s moulded shape to fit your dashboard exactly, including cars fitted with dash mounted passenger side air bags. They have been scientifically tested to reduce in car temperatures and improve air conditioner performance. The fabric not only breathes, it also absorbs unwanted toxins that are emitted from the vinyl of the dashmat cover and cause discolouration if left trapped underneath the dashmat.

They also prevent dashboard cracking by offering maximum protection from the sun’s damaging UV rays also reducing reflection and glare given off by modern contoured dashboards.

Dash covers come in colours to compliment the interior of modern vehicles.

We are authorized distributor of the Shevron dash mat.

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