Does WindowSOX come in pairs ?

Yes, each package contains 2 pairs of Window SOX.

Shipping costs of 1 pair of Window SOX ?

The shipping cost for 1 pair of WS in Australia is A$ 10 with registered shipping.

Shipping costs of 2 pairs of Window SOX ?

The shipping cost for 2 pairs of WS in Australia is A$ 15 with registered shipping.

Shipping costs of 2 dashmats ?

The shipping cost for 2 dash mats in Australia is A$ 28 with registered shipping.

Shipping costs to Australia for 1 dashmat ?

The shipping cost for 1 dashmat in Australia is A$15 with registered shipping.

Shipping costs to Australia for 1 seat cover ?

The shipping cost for 1 seat cover in Australia is A$19 with registered shipping.

Shipping costs to NZ for 1 dash mat ?

The shipping cost for 1 dashmat to NZ is A$25.

Shipping costs to UK for 2 dashmat ?

The shipping cost for 2 dashmats to UK is A$49.

Are the dashmats for RIGHT-HAND-DRIVEN cars ? (like in Australia)

Yes, all our dashmats are manufactured for RHD vehicles in Australia, NZ, Singapore and UK (and many other countries).

Where do you ship to ?

We will ship to every country in the world, just select your country during order process.
If you have problems selecting your country please contact us under info(at) .

Why is no phone number on the website ?

We have no phone number on our website for a couple of reasons.
To reply to your request properly and also have something documented we need all inquiries per email. Very often we need to research the problem / question and need to sit in front of a computer to find the right data. It would also take too much time to be always on the phone and we prefer to reply all emails in 24 hours and ship as fast as possible.

Can I pay per credit card ?

Yes you can but you have to connect a credit card to your paypal account.
Otherwise select cheque / bank transfer during order process.

Can I pick-up my order ?

NO, we are only an online retailer and do not have a public store.

Does my passenger airbag still work correctly using your dashmat ?

All our dash mats are made (either cut-out or flap) so that the passenger airbag is working correctly.

A lot of cars like the Nissan Maxima has a passenger airbag as standard, the dashboard will split open when the airbag is deployed.

Any company that makes a dashmat without an airbag cut-out would be liable for an airbag failure in the event of an accident, therefore would not be available without a cut-out of some form.

Can I remove the white plastic pins with are holding the cut-out ?

Yes, please remove the white plastic pins so that your airbag can work properly.

Does the velcro strap damage my paint of the car then I use the WindowSOX ?

No, under normal conditions the velcro strap does not damage the paint.

How do I return a product ?

Please use normal shipping (and also paid for it) for your return products as we will not reimburse express shipping costs. Also include a paid return envelope with your address and a print-out about an email conversation which states your order-number. This will help us to work through the returns much quicker.

Click here for our Return merchandise authorization (RMA) page.

Can I remove the plastic pins that hold the airbag cut outs before installing ?

Yes, the plastic tabs need to be removed.

Is it mandatory to stick the Velcro on the dash ?

No, the Velcro may not be needed to hold the dashmat in place.

The picture of the dashmat does not match the selected car ?

We often only have some pictures for illustration purpose. If you are not sure just send us an email to

How do I know if the Mobi-Shade sunshade will fit my pram?

The Mobi-Shade sunshade has been designed specifically to fit almost all strollers and prams. With an elastic hem it will expand over even the widest of strollers and contract to fit the narrowest parts of a 3-wheeler, and should you find you need them, velcro straps are available to secure the shade further. We know Mums are resourceful so we leave it up to you to see what works best for your needs.

Why do I need a Mobi-Shade sunshade?

Firstly, it is important to know that the skin of a baby under 6 months has little melanin (the pigment that gives colour to the skin, hair and eyes) which provides some natural sun protection, it is also too sensitive to use sunscreens. Therefore the best protection you can give your baby is shade, and as much as possible. Secondly, even older babies and toddlers do not enjoy being in direct sunlight. It can be very frustrating trying to keep your little one shaded by using a selection of towels, sheets, muslins or even parasols. They fall off or blow about, or more annoyingly the suns direction changes. The Mobi-Shade sunshade stays in place allowing you to get on with your day.

When can I use the Mobi-Shade sunshade?

You can use the Mobi-Shade sunshade at any time you want to protect your baby or toddler from the sun or insects from birth onwards. The Mobi-Shade Group 0 car seat shade is particularly useful when the car seat is positioned in the front passenger seat where alternative shading methods can hinder your vision and Window SOX are not available.

What does breathable actually mean?

The fine mesh that Mobi-Shade sunshades are made from is porous and you can literally put it across your face and breathe comfortably through it.

From what age can I use the Mobi-Shade sunshade?

Mobi-Shade sunshades can be used from birth on the pram and Group 0 car seat and can be used until your toddler stops using the stroller. The sooner you start using the Mobi-Shade sunshade collection the sooner you start protecting your little one from the suns harmful effects.

The Mobi-Shade sunshade is black; will this make my baby hotter?

This is a common misconception. Black actually absorbs most of the suns rays, so stops baby burning but also radiates the most heat away from the baby therefore keeping them cooler.