Gourmet Wine Cracker

The Margaret River Gourmet Wine Cracker are hand crafted in Margaret River using only natural ingredients and focusing on fresh local flavour combinations.

All the herbs are freshly picked from the garden. Using fresh herbs allows the natural oils which are rich in flavour and aroma to bake into the crackers. The result being a cracker with the freshest and richest flavours which naturally keeps fresh longer.

Gourmet Wine Cracker

Both wine and cheese are made using natural processes that have existed for thousands of years. By using only natural ingredients in the crackers the flavours pair perfectly with the natural flavours found in wine and cheeses.

The Margaret River Cracker Company have chosen to include a range of gluten free crackers as the market currently  doesn’t have anything that comes close to a quality cracker. Why should someone miss out just because of their gluten intolerance. We believe their crackers are by far the best gluten free crackers out there.

We are sure you will agree.