Product Description

Moulded dashboard covers – Dash Mat Holden Astra BK HUD

Shevron, our manufacturer is a respected producer and distributor of outstanding car Dash Mat Holden Astra BK HUD Australia-wide. They’re the pioneers of dash mould making here.

Our manufacturer sets the standard in dash mat ingenuity focusing on the Dash MATE. Being unique in the way that it does not have a firm reverse side. Ultimat fabric is so clever in that it maintains its initial design to stay on your dashboard exactly, including cars that come with factory passenger air bags.

They have been tested by engineers to reduce in car temperatures and improve air conditioner results. The fabric doesn’t just breathe, it even takes up unwanted toxins given up by the vinyl in the dash which can cause discolouration if kept trapped underneath the mat.

Additionally, they avoid dashboard damage by providing maximum protection from the sun’s strong rays also reducing back-glare and reflection coming off current shaped dashboards.

We are authorized resellers for Dash Mat Holden Astra BK HUD .

Dash Mat Holden Astra BK HUD covers come fully colour coordinated to compliment the interior of your car.

* Picture of dash cover just for illustration reason