Product Description

Best dash covers – Dashmat Mercedes Sprinter – Moulded for each vehicle

Shevron has been our manufacturer of choice for many years, and is known as a leading producer and distributor of quality vehicle Dashmat Mercedes Sprinter in OZ. They are also the pioneers of dash board cover production here.

Shevron leads the way in dash mat development with the Dash MATE. Being unique by not having a solid reverse side. Ultimat fabric is far superior for the reason that it retains its initial form to fit your dash exactly, including cars fitted with in-dash co-driver air bags.

Having been tested by engineers to minimise in car temperatures and improve aircon results. The material not only breathes, it also takes up undesirable toxins that are emitted from the vinyl of the dash which can cause colour change if left trapped below the dash mat.

Further, they avoid dashboard cracking by offering maximum insurance against the sun’s damaging UV rays also reducing reflection and glare coming off current shaped dashboards.

As one of the leading authorized distributors of Shevron’s Dashmat Mercedes Sprinter .

Dashmat Mercedes Sprinter come fully colour coordinated to go with the rest of of your car.

* Graphic of dash cover only for demonstration reason