Product Description

Dash Mat VW Multivan T6 – Custom Moulded Dashboard Protection

Shevron has been our manufacturer of choice for many years, and is a highly renowned producer and provider of outstanding car Dash Mat VW Multivan T6 Australia-wide. They’re the leaders of dash protection cover production here.

Shevron leads the way in dash mat innovation through the Dash MATE. These are unique in that it does not have a hard backside. The Ultimat material is so clever for the reason that it maintains the initial form to fit your dashboard exactly, even for models that come with in-dash co-driver air bags.

Having been tested by engineers to reduce overheating and provide better aircon results. The fabric not only breathes, it even takes up unwanted toxins given up by the vinyl of the dashboard and cause colour change if kept stuck below the dash mat.

They also protect from dash cracking by providing best insurance against the sun’s hurtful UV rays and further minimise back-glare and reflection shining off modern contoured dashes.

As one of the leading endorsed distributors for Dash Mat VW Multivan T6 .

Dash Mat VW Multivan T6 is available in colours to go with the rest of of your car.

* Picture of dash board cover only for demonstration intent