Product Description

Seat Cover Ford Ecosport SUV – The Perfect-Fit Custom Seat Cover

It doesn’t matter if your goal is to protect new seats or quasi re-upholster old and damaged cushioning, Seat Mates are well known to be an outstanding car add-onn for your passenger compartment of any vehicle. Our manufacturer produces a variety of Seat Mates of great durability and modern fit to work with the interior of current cars.

With modern day vehicles the seat configurations have changed so much that most more general covers simply won’t fit. This is why we focus on custom made Seat Mate’s specifically made for your car. These tailored Seat Covers are specifically made for each make and model to perfectly fit and improve the looks plus safeguard the inside of the car.

The manufacturer’s 15 years’ track record in the design and production of custom made Seat Covers has developed into a large brand coverage of quality easy-to-fit seat covers in an array of multi-fit sizes for bucket seats, old-style single seat benches, rear seats and bucket and three quarter seats, which works with most vehicles, including Landcruisers, Patrols and business vehicles.

Matching special Seat Covers are available for split rear seats and almost all hard-to-fit seats.

Seat Cover Ford Ecosport SUV benefits

  • comply with safety requirements which specify fire retardant materials.
  • fit most cars
  • can be supplied to fit split rear seats and a lot hard to fit seats
  • suit bucket seats, top seats, back seats and bucket and 3/4 benches
  • perfect fit through custom design
  • enhance and protect the interior
  • particularly created for vehicles without or with Side Intrusion Air Bags
  • Super easy to mount and remove

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