Scientifically Engineered Dashmat for Vehicles Now Sold Online

Bringing a new twist to the general notion about dashboard mats, a scientifically engineered dashboard cover known as Dashmat achieves great heights of popularity. The product is currently available for purchase through the Internet.

The Dashmat has recently entered the record books for being the first scientifically designed and developed mat for dashboards. This innovative product is more than just a mat; it is also a deodorizer and dirt remover rolled into one product. The product is currently available through the Sunprotec Webstore, through which it can be ordered directly. The website also has a detailed summary of the product, along with the technologies involved in creating it and expert study reports about the effectiveness of the product.

There are many ways in which Dashmat is different from usual dashboard covers. It isn’t made with a hard backing substance as other covers are made. Its softer material allows it to spread out more flexibly on the dashboard. Also, Dashmat is made with absorbent materials which can eliminate the musty odors within the closed spaces of vehicles. The fabric used to make these special dashboard covers can “breathe” in such a way that they reduce stuffiness inside vehicles. They also remove toxins that can accumulate under them, which can cause discoloration if left trapped between the cover and the dashboard.

Dashmat is being acclaimed for its various unique features which aren’t seen in other dashboard products available in the market presently. These products can even absorb the harmful ultraviolet radiation from the sun and can reduce the reflection on the dashboard that can be caused by the sunrays falling on them.

Shevron, the company that has manufactured Dashmat, has this to say, “It isn’t easy to find a product that can be used in such a multiple number of ways. We had a tough time trying to incorporate all these features into a single product, but when we stumbled upon this particular high grade polyester auto fabric that we use, things automatically became easier. Apart from all the useful protective features that Dashmat has, there is also the fact that the fabric used in making it won’t shrink or fade, regardless of how long it has been in use.”

The Sunprotec Webstore features a host of products in the Dash mat dashboard cover range. These Dashmat are products that have different colors and textures and are suitable for a variety of vehicles. The popular vehicles for which customized Dashmats are available include Chrysler, Daewoo, Ford, Holden, Honda, Hyundai, Mazda, Mercedes, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Peugeot, Renault, Toyota, Volkswagen and Volvo among several others.